Thursday, December 18, 2008

Minor Discomfort

Failed title of the day: Minor Discomfort. (You know this story has to be about jailbait, a concept which, in the wrong hands, is doomed to to be bad... I, for one, shall not go there...)

Anyway... hello! Long time no write. That's because I've been busy finishing my latest book. You heard it here first. I finished the manuscript yesterday. (And by 'finished,' I mean I'm just now getting started... because hearty revisions are yet to come, I'm certain.)

I'm very excited because I've actually accomplished what I set out to do a mere month and half ago when I quit my day job.

I'm looking forward to next week's holiday, when I won't be distracted by having to run from my family and hide in my room, tap-tap-tapping away on this keyboard. I may still run from my family, but it won't have anything to do with writing.

(I'm kidding! You know I love you all... and I cannot wait to eat yummy food, listen to Christmas carols, and fall asleep underneath the sparkly tree at my mother and step-father's house in Massachussetts. Ah, just thinking about it now is making me giddy.)

Isn't it funny how I pretend people actually read this thing?

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