Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Dream From My Self Proclaimed Biggest Fan

Here is a story from Sophie, who wrote to me about this really creepy dream she had the night she finished reading The Stone Child!

"I was sitting at home watching TV my mom and dad were talking in the kitchen, and all of a sudden the lights went off. I was so startled that I called for my mom and dad in the kitchen. The power always went out so it wasn't that scary. But when I called for my mom and dad there was no answer. At that moment the lights turned back on and started to flicker. The windows opened and slammed shut.

'Hello? Is anyone there?' I said The doors and windows opened again, but it looked like someone or something was holding it open. The wind started to howl and then I saw it in the corner of what used to be the kitchen.

The kitchen it morphed itself into a huge mess! In fact the whole house seemed to spin and dance, calling to me 'THEY'RE COMING THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU!'

'WHO'S COMING!?!?' I screamed at the darkness, thinking someone would answer me.

And then I woke up. And of course I had this dream the night I finished the stone child."

Whew! That was a good one, Sophie. Like something I would dream about.

Thanks for sharing!

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darcyf said...

wow.Pretty awesome!