Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi there-

Officially one week left until The Stone Child is available. I'm so excited...

especially after spending an extra-special four day weekend in Alta, Utah, at my agent, Barry Goldblatt's client retreat. About twenty of us holed up in an off-season ski lodge high in the (HUGE) mountains, chatting about the writing business, craft, time-management, inspiration, and lots of other really useful stuff. Holly Black made lots of flow-charts. Karen Healey took lots of notes. Shannon and Dean Hale did some interpretive dance. Cassandra Clare wrote the ending of her next novel. Mette Harrison took part in an iron-man competition (for real!). And everybody else was super kind and dandy.

I've never done anything like this before, and I left Alta feeling so lucky to have been part of the experience. I was especially star-struck, as some of my favorite authors in the world were sitting right next to me. But what surprised me most was learning that these VERY successful writers feel the same sorts of anxiety that us newbies do.

Lots of wine was poured, lots candy was shared, lots of push up competitions took place. Lots of gossip was given. Lots of hummingbirds were spotted. Lots of laughs were shared... And I'm certain we all left Utah feeling sad that it went by so quickly.

We're all looking forward to next year... wherever that may be.

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