Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Neato Stuff

Well, it's been a week since The Stone Child's release, and what a week it's been! My book party (with David Levithan) at Books of Wonder was a smashing success. There seemed to be about a hundred people there... and they sold out of my book! (Psyched and disappointed about that at the same time, but more psyched than disappointed). I will write more about that awesome experience when I get some pics together... but for now...

A few other cool items:

The Barnes and Noble Review named The Stone Child as one of three Chapter Book recommendations for the week of September 2, along with Kate DiCamillo's The Magician's Elephant and Gennifer Choldenko's Al Capone Shines My Shoes. Two very big deal authors... and ME!

One of my favorite Blogs

mentioned me and my book. This blog is dedicated to ALL things, John Bellairs, and is so cool. If you don't know about my favorite author , John Bellairs, (shame on you! :p ) pick up a copy of The House With a Clock in its Walls. From the creepy and comforting gothic setting, to the amazing illustrations by the classic and hilarious Edward Gorey, you won't be disappointed. I'd been reading the bellarsia blog for quite some time--and I'm so happy to have been mentioned in a posting there!

In other news, I'm up at my mom and step-dad's lake house, diligently revising my next manuscript, which is scheduled to be on Random House's fall 2010 list... I'm very excited about this one... so if you liked The Stone Child, get ready for next year! More (and bigger) spooks to come...




Missymarie44 said...

Just wanted to say congratulations! I randomly picked up "The Stone Child" from the library display. I read it yesterday and I really enjoyed it! (I am not a kid but I love kid's literature.) I liked it enought to see if you had written anything else, since you haven't: hurry up!!

Dan Poblocki said...

Aww, thanks! So happy to hear it... I'm finishing up my next book right now. Look for it next fall!