Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is News

Long time no speak...!

That's because I've been busy writing... Just not on here...

I'm so psyched about visiting PS 107, in Brooklyn this Friday. I'm going to read a little, and talk a little, and share some very new, very secret writings... Ooh yeah!

Anyway, my Sprummer is going well so far. (That's Spring/ Summer... sort of like how brunch is breakfast/ lunch.) Hope yours is too!

If you're in Poland, or if you read Polish, you must be excited that the Polish edition of The Stone Child is coming out this month. I cannot wait to get my copy... The publisher changed the title to Key to the Underworld and also gave the book a different cover. The new title makes sense, if you've read the book... don't you think? But I'm still partial to The Stone Child... ;^)