Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Ghost Story Project (OGSP)- Story Number 1

"The Eye at the Door"

The first time I ever saw a ghost, I was twelve years old.

I was in the upstairs bathroom brushing my teeth one evening. In the mirror, I noticed that someone was watching me through a crack in the door behind me. I clearly saw an eye come up and peek at me for several seconds. A few seconds later, it disappeared. At first, the sight of the eyeball frightened me. But by the time I spit out my toothpaste, I had concluded that my older brother was standing out in the hallway, preparing to jump in at me when I swung the door open. "Dummy," I thought. "He thinks I didn't notice him."

So I decided to jump out first. I yanked the door inward and shouted, "Boo!" But to my surprise, my brother was not standing in the doorway. Oh, I thought, he must by hiding just around the corner. So, I leapt into the hallway, determined to get him back, and shrieked, "Yah!" Again, I found I was alone.

The hallway was dark, as were the bedrooms. My brother's bedroom door was open, and I figured that if he was the one who'd been watching me through the crack in the door, he must have managed to run and hide in there. I crept toward his bedroom, growing uneasy. I'd never imagined my brother to be so stealthy.

As I entered his room and turned on the light, I tentatively called out his name. But I found the room empty. Obviously, I received no answer.

By now, I was getting scared. Whoever had been watching me brush my teeth must still be upstairs. He couldn't have had enough time to creep away, I thought. I rushed downstairs toward the light of the kitchen if only to get away from the feeling that I was still being watched, that he might leapt out and grab my arm... or worse.

I found my mother sitting on the couch, reading the L.L. Bean catalogue. "Mom," I said, "Is Brendan home?" My brother.

She shook her head. "It's just you and me," she said.

Chills rattled my body. "Someone was upstairs watching me brush my teeth just now. I saw them through the crack in the door."

My mother looked amused. "I've been down here for awhile. No one else is home."

She wanted me to believe that I had simply imagined the eye at the door.

But as I got in bed that night, I couldn't be certain of what I'd seen at all.

**** So what do you think? Real or not? Leave your vote in the comments!****


Farmer said...

hmmm... i'll vote for.... REAL. for me, it was all about the L.L. Bean magazine detail... although i admit i don't know if you have a brother named brendan!

Denise Grassia said...

Going with REAL! The L.L. Bean mag gave did it for me aswell. Your mom had it sitting on the table at the lake =)

Rob said...

I say real

Keith Miller said...

would this be Basking Ridge years? Hmmm..Jersey ghost? This could easily be inspiration for future writer or future dentist???? I'll go with not real; just to be different

CerealMoms said...

Hmmmm, I don't know if it's fair for me to vote on these stories but I still want to comment...CREEPY!!!! Was the eyeball attached to someone or was it floating?! Agh! I can just see the story's title as written by Daniel Olmstead...The Horror of the Bodiless Eyeball...coming to a bookstore near you!

Fun with Fairchildren said...

I agree with Cereal Moms. I feel like I may have an unfair advantage. All I will say is I happen to know is that your brother may or may not be a Poblonski.

Wooden Spoon said...

I'd definately say REAL!

MyCaptainCT said...

Well, most are saying, I say NOPE! Not real!

Dan Poblocki said...

Good guesses... keep coming back for the next stories... keep voting! this is fun... ;^)

Anonymous said...

I think you might have seen a ghost before the age of 12, and I think you would have given Bren more credit for being stealthy (but I have been wrong before). This DOES sound familiar...hmmm, good one! I will withhold my vote though ;)

Anonymous said...

Fake is my vote!

Kristen said...

Definitely sounds real to me. :-d