Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Ghost Story Project Announcement

Since it's finally October, officially the coolest calendar month, I decided to push myself to do a little experiment.

Part contest, part just-for-fun, I'm going to try and write, until Oct. 31, at least one ghost story per day.

Those of you who know me understand that I've always had a fascination with ghost stories, so much so that, when I moved to New Jersey at eleven, I eventually came to believe that our house was totally haunted.

Ever since then, I've had a love/hate situation with the ghosts in my life... ;^)

Anyway, the October Ghost Story Project goes like this - I will write down a daily ghost story here on this blog. Some of them will be true, some of them will be fiction.

You will write in the comments whether or not you think the story is true. (True meaning--it actually happened to me or someone I know.) The more ghost stories you read on the blog, the more you can vote. And at the end of the month, who ever has guessed the most correctly wins a signed copy of The Stone Child, my first book!

Happy Hauntings,



Anonymous said...

Danny!!!! I have voted on all three and I am having so much fun reading them. I sure do hope I win because I would just LOVE to have a signed copy to pass down to my girls when they get a bit older.


Your Triplet!

Dan Poblocki said...

well, i'll have to sign a copy for you whatever the case may be... xo