Monday, October 26, 2009

OGSP - Story #12 October Ghost Story Project

The Devil's Tree

Another of the legends in my old town revolves around a lone tree that stood in the middle of a farm field up in the hills. The tree stood at a sharp corner in the road. What made it creepy was that the tree only grew leaves once every few years. Some years, it was just barren.

People say that way back in the nineteenth century, criminals were hung from this tree. Now, the legends tells that every midnight you can see a body hanging from the branches.

What do you think my friends and I did with this information when we were in high school? Uh-huh. That's right.

We used to go up there all the time. We never saw any bodies hanging from the trees, but it was certainly a spooky place. We would bring a camera. Once, I took a picture of the tree trunk. A large firey orb floated in front of it.

One time, I went up to the tree during the day with another friend of mine. Again, I brought my camera. We took pictures of the tree, trying to see if anything else might show up in the shots. We also took snaps of the surrounding field and forest and road. We didn't see anything that day, but when the photos came back from the lab, you might have thought we had. In a couple pictures, there were wispy strands of fog. In one photo of the road leading into the nearby woods was one particularly thick patch of fog. I immediately noticed a face staring back at me from the center of the gray mist.

Frustratingly, I lost the picture years ago... I really wish I still had it. I would have posted it here for you to judge for yourself.

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The Miller Family said...

certainly real

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Kristen said...

Definitely real. :)

Class 5-404 said...

I think it was real because tree's can be quite spooky. They also are easy to imagine different pictures which are not there/true.