Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OGSP - Story #14 October Ghost Story Project

Yet Another Burns Street Disturbance

By now, we all know that my dad and step-mother's house in Queens is haunted... or do we?

Here's another quickie, for all you believers:

Built into the wall separating the dining room and kitchen is a beautiful original cabinet which is accessible from both rooms. You can pull the utensil drawers out from either side. Picture it: you're in the kitchen, and you need a spoon. Open the drawer. Then, at dinner, you need a fork; without getting up from the table, you can open the same drawer from the other side. It goes both ways! There's also a sliding wooden panel where you pass dishes through the wall. And the piece de-resistance--above the counter are several rows of open glass shelves. You can literally look through the cabinets from one room into the next.

I describe this all in such detail for a specific reason. I want to you understand exactly what I saw one night before a dinner party at their house.

I was in the kitchen looking for my dad. Through the glass cabinet, I saw a tall man standing on the other side of the wall with his back toward me. Of course I thought it was my father, so I headed toward the door to speak with him. Strangely, just as I was about to enter the dining room, I thought, "Wouldn't it be weird if there's no one there?"

Well, guess what? Seconds later, as I peered around the door frame, I found the dining room empty. In fact, my dad was upstairs.

I am absolutely positive I saw someone standing in the dining room.

Are you absolutely sure you believe me?

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Anonymous said...

Real!!!! And that one sure did give me chills!

Wooden Spoon said...

Not real!

Kristen said...